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How Can We Judge?

seahawks-logoAt this point I am sure everyone has seen or heard about Richard Sherman’s comments following the NFC Championship Game, which the Seahawks won on an amazing defensive play by the Seahawk cornerback. While the outcome of the game was as so many hoped, at least here in Seattle, the reaction to Richard Sherman’s post-game interview (as in seconds after the game ended) has been so surprising.

So many people judging a man who, in the heat of the moment, made comments that expressed his pure raw emotions. He is not known for holding his tongue even in the best of times. Sunday night he hardly had time to think about “sanitizing” his comments after helping his team win the game. Sure his comments were brash and unfiltered and probably deserve to be criticized for his decision to focus on a personal rivalry with an opponent, but his character doesn’t deserve to be attacked. Who hasn’t said something in the heat of the moment that they have regretted in hindsight? The answer is no one. We all have because we are human. So why should he be held to a different standard?

Richard Sherman is from Compton and one of the worst school districts in the country. He worked hard studying when others were not, graduating second in his class and earning a scholarship to Stanford. In his third year in the league he is considered one of the best, if not the best, cornerback. This is a man that has graduated from Stanford, started a foundation and is an active part of the community. He is an intelligent and thoughtful man who admitted publicly that he regretted the way in which he showed emotion after the game.

Disliking him for his attitude is one thing. But the hatred is unfounded, hypocritical and just plain ignorant. We as football fans cheer on human beings and expect them to play an, at times, barbaric game with total disregard for their long-term health. Yet we also expect the same individuals conduct themselves without imperfection. Richard Sherman is an intelligent and talented man who has defied the odds and achieved the pinnacle of success in his career. Isn’t this what we all strive for? So why is it that some are so quick to build people up only to swiftly tear them down? While some may find Richard Sherman arrogant, all should be disgusted by the unfounded hate.

It is been refreshing to see some articles coming to his defense. Kudos to those that had the perspective and guts to speak their minds – just like Richard. These are some of my favorites.





I hope that in the future others will think before judging and calling names of someone they know little about.

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