Seahawks Victory Celebration

We were lucky enough to be given tickets to the Seahawks victory celebration by Jim’s boss. (Thanks Jaime!) It was a chilly, long day, but one we all will never forget.

Before bed each of us shared our favorite moments.

Will – Seeing Marshawn Lynch. The blue and green flying things (confetti)

Jack – Seeing Sydney Rice and that he is recovering. Watching the season recap.

Sarah – Walter Jones raising the 12th man flag.

Jim – Fireworks and blue and green confetti. Seahawks/12th man Boeing 747 fly over.

Here are some of my photos from our day.

crossing bridge.jpg
Driving over the I90 bridge at 7:30 am

family selfi.jpg
Family selfi before we headed out of the car into the cold

in line.jpg
Waiting in line to get into the Clink for the celebration

Crowd waiting to get into stadium

View from our seats with 12 in windows of building outside the stadium

 jim.jpg Will.jpg
Waiting patiently for the celebration to begin

view from seats.jpg
Isn’t that a great sign

12th man flag.jpg
12th man flag above the stadium

2nd Ave.jpg
View from stadium down 2nd Avenue where the parade will come in

 waiting patiently.jpg
My super Seahawks fans!

mom and jack.jpg
It is almost celebration time.

Super Bowl Champion Seahawk team


What a day!

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  1. Marie Leiper says:

    It looks like you had a wonderful time.
    Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

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