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Advocating For Your Child: The Right Doctor

Jack NG tubeBeing your child’s advocate is one of the biggest jobs of being a parent. It is also one of the hardest jobs no matter what situation — medical, school or social.

In medical situations it is very important to find a doctor that is truly in your corner. The doctor will help you navigate situations that normally parents wouldn’t be able to do as well.

We are so lucky to have our pediatrician. She has been with us since Jack was born. She backed me up and believed me when other doctors didn’t. We have spent hours on the phone talking through all of the issues and challenges along the way. She moved mountains to get us in to see the specialists we needed to see. She will tease me about my notebooks and my questions, but she will sit and answer them all.

When we were deciding if we were going to implant a G-tube to feed Jack, our pediatrician organized a meeting with our feeding specialist, GI doctor and herself. It was so helpful to have everyone together and feel like we were finally being heard. We never would have been able to get all of those people together without her support. Years later, our boys are healthy and thriving in many ways due to caregivers like Tracy.

Your support doctor doesn’t have to be the pediatrician or general practitioner, you just need someone in your corner.

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