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Happy Birthday Islay

Islay 1st birthday.jpgToday is Islay’s 1st birthday. We have had quite a ride with her since bringing her home in July. Islay is living up to many of her breed qualities as well as her own sweet personality. We love her very much and couldn’t imagine our family without her.

In honor of her birthday here are some things that describe her.

I – interested. She is always interested in what you are doing. If you are digging in the back yard she is pretty much standing in the hole or if I am putting things away in the house she is my shadow.

S – silly. Between her silly tail, her funny Swissy expressions or when she decides to rip around the room, she is very silly. The boys love to watch her and laugh.

L – long and large. I knew how big she would get, but didn’t really comprehend how long she would be, both her body and her tail. She has no idea how big she is. All dogs look little now compared to her.

A –affectionate. Islay loves you with her whole body, whether it is with her head in your lap or her butt on your feet. She wants you to know she loves you.

Y – youthful energy. She has amazing energy and really enjoys being in the yard with all of us.

Happy Birthday Islay girl! Hopefully this is the first of many we get to celebrate with you.


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