Icky stomach flu
Jackson, Mom

Icky stomach flu

The stomach flu hit our house this week, well at least Jack and I had it. Will might have had a mild version earlier in the week (fingers crossed that he doesn’t get the one that we had) and so far Jim has managed to avoid it. It is really difficult to clean up your child’s vomit when you are nauseous too. (sorry to be so graphic, but anyone who has experienced that will understand). I think we gave it to our friend Karen, so sorry sweetie, hope you are doing better. So my week of playing catch up became a week of recovering. Oh well, maybe we needed to slow down and spend all of Thursday watching an entire season of America’s Next Top Model. Jack was rooting for Samantha. 🙂

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  1. amberhj says:

    What was Will’s version like? I think Stella might’ve had it too!

  2. He just had looser poops (not full diarrhea) and was a bit crankier. He didn’t throw up, thank goodness. How is Stella?

  3. Anonymous says:

    No worries; perhaps now we’ll miss the fall/winter rounds :)? And indeed, a good reason/excuse to watch indulgent tv!

  4. Sorry, obviously that last post was from me :).

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