A skier and a snow baby
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A skier and a snow baby

We just returned from our annual ski trip with my sister’s family and my mom. I say annual, but we skipped last year because I was way to pregnant to make it work. This year we went to Northstar at Tahoe and had a ski-in, ski-out condo in the Village. In years past we have had a ski-in/ski-out house at Whistler and Big White (also in British Columbia). It was great to stay in the village. We didn’t have to get in the car the whole time we were there.

After our trip we can officially say that Jack is a skier. Last winter, Jim took him up to the Pass a few times, eventually getting him up on the chair lift, but he used a tip clip to help him keep his skis in a pizza wedge (or snowplow for us old schoolers). After 2.5 days of ski school we pulled him out the last afternoon to ski with us. He rode the big boy chair lifts with no problem and made it down several very long green runs, all without a tip clip. He is still learning to turn and stop right where he wants to, but who doesn’t have those moments still on the hill. We are so proud of his progress.

Jack has always loved the snow. The few times each winter when we get snow he will spend as much time as he can outside playing, chasing the dog (who also loves the snow), building snowmen and rolling down the hill in our front yard. Last winter we were lucky enough to have snow on the ground for almost 2 weeks over Christmas 08. This winter however only a few flakes in the air.

So William hadn’t even seen snow until we arrived in Truckee, California. At first he couldn’t figure out what was falling from the sky and getting on his face. Of course I had him so bundled up that there was no way he was getting cold. Jim had bought him a cute little red sled with nice sides to pull him around. He wasn’t to sure about what was going on, but soon he was doing his rocking move, which means “faster mommy faster.”

Jim, YaYa and Jack had established a great snow slide actually visible from the condo, which Oliver broke in nicely. Jack’s favorite move was sliding down face first on this tummy. Oliver preferred the laying on your back technique and all of the parents got a workout handing the little ones up the hill. At least Jack is big enough to climb up on his own. William slid down on my lap a couple of times, but wasn’t to sure the first day out. By later in the week he was sliding halfway down the slide and rocking at the bottom, meaning again please.

What is it about the snow that turns everyone into kids, throwing snowballs (thanks Unkie Paul for the one in the face), making snow angels (Jack was much more successful than mine) and looking for the steepest hill to slide down. We had a wonderful week and all commented about how much fun these trips will be when all of the kids are skiing with us.

I will post photos soon, they are on Unkie Paul’s camera in California. 🙂

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