The eyes have it
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The eyes have it

Yesterday we had out 6 month check in with Dr. Weiss (William’s pediatric Ophthalmologist). He tested William’s visual acuity and did a complete examination on Jackson.

Will’s visual acuity is doing well. He is still following the standard curve of normal eye development.  His acuity measured better than 6 months ago and we have also noticed that his is seeing better. He will spot an object across the room and go for it. He still has his nystagmus, but he is able to control it with the right head position.

Dr. Weiss said that worst case William would be 20:80, but more likely better than that. We are really hopeful that he could end up better than we had hoped for. Only time will tell and we just have to let him continue to develop. There isn’t anything we can do for him at this point, except keep him playing and interacting like any other child.

This is such good news! Lets keep our fingers crossed for 6 more months of good development.

Jack got his visual acuity, stereoscopic vision and his eyes dilated to check his retina. Dr. Weiss wanted to look at Jack’s retina to help determine how the Ocular Albinism has been passed down (if it is X-linked or autosomal recessive) more on that in another post.

At his 5 year old eye test Jack had a few problems, but I wasn’t sure if that was the situation (in the middle of a busy hallway and he was still learning his letters). Yesterday he tested 20:40 in one eye and 20:50 in the other. Not that good. When he was tested binocularly (both eyes together) he was 20:25. We think some of that is because he doesn’t want get a wrong answer and the other could be that he couldn’t quite see that clearly.

His stereoscopic vision or depth perception was below normal as well. This test is done by simulating 3-D images and having the child pick them out. We aren’t sure if anything outside of the test was contributing to his results on this one or not.

Jack also has iris transillumination (I do as well), but that is common for anyone with blue eyes. When Dr. Weiss looked at his retina he noticed that Jack’s macula and fovea were not normal in appearance. They aren’t as abnormal as William’s, but somewhere in the middle.

This has puzzled Dr. Weiss, the less than 20:20 acuity test, below normal stereoscopic vision, iris transillumination and an abnormal macula and fovea. He is wondering if Jack might have a very mild form of Ocular Albinism. At this point he doesn’t want to say he does have it or that he doesn’t. We are going to retest his vision in 6 months and hopefully perform an OCT or optical coherence tomography. This maps and measures the thickness of the retina. They are hoping to get a OCT machine at Children’s by then. The OCT will tell us for sure or not if he has it.

There is no question that Jack can see, so we aren’t concerned in the short term about him. As he starts Kindergarten in the fall we are just going to watch him and make sure nothing shows up. If it hadn’t been for William’s problems we probably wouldn’t even know about Jack potentially having it too. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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  1. Diane Coffelt says:

    Hi, Sarah, I don’t know if you got the email I sent you about “normalcy.” I hope so. I’ve changed my email address from the AOL. Please keep me on your list. You, Jim, Jack, Willie and Mulligan are on my prayer list. Love, Diane

  2. […] immediately shifted from feeding difficulties to understanding his eyes. In March we found out that Jack may actually have a mild form of the condition as well and are waiting for confirmation at our next appointment in the […]

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