Sing, sing a song
Jackson, School

Sing, sing a song

concert 2010Yesterday was Jack’s Songfest, a concert put on by his preschool class. Since he attends a Montessori preschool we don’t have religious concerts or celebrations. This is our only one concert or show each year. Jack started preschool early, at 2 1/2, because he was that advanced. 🙂 (Seriously, it was because he was ready and I was ready for him to do something by himself or at least that is the mantra I had to say as I drove to my friend’s house in tears the first morning.) His January birthday made starting preschool awkward. He was ready for something more, but not all the schools would take him. We were able to find Lakeside Montessori and we have been so happy with them and he has just loved.

concert 2010Anyway, he has been this is his third year in a great preschool, so our third Songfest. His first one he stood in the front row (well duh, he was the youngest by far and not tall for his age) and sang about one third of the words. He got most of the hand motions correct, but was just so cute. He was a bit distracted by the kids around him and some jesters in his face. (Yes, we have it on video, but I am not going to post the video, since there are other kids on it too.)

His second year, he again stood in the front row (still not tall for his age) and this time he sang over half the words. He got the hand motions right, but was still distracted by the jesters of those around him. He was more animated and followed the instructions better.

This year he was still in the front row (still not tall for his age, but now I think they like having him in the front). He sang 90% of the words and all the hand motions. He was very animated and had a lot of fun. He has been practicing for the last couple weeks and it is fun to hear the whole song and not just the parts he likes to sing. It has been so fun to watch him grow through this experience. His shirt was tucked in when I left him in the room before, oh well…

concert 2010On a side note, it is always interesting to watch the parents behavior during events like these. This year one of the dads decided that standing up in the back just wasn’t a good enough view and decided to walk half way down the center aisle and stand there to video tape. After a bit Jim politely asked him if he could kneel down so the people in the back to get a view, he said no. I guess I am just to nice of a person. I was standing on the side of the room, trying to take photos around a tall person in the front row while holding Will in one arm (every time I would set him down he would beeline down the aisle.) I know that we will only experience this more as the kids get older, but is there any common courtesy anymore. (A rant for another post…)

I will miss the Songfests as he moves up to Kindergarten next year, but hopefully William will get to do them when it is time for him.

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