Philosophy of shoes
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Philosophy of shoes

Easter 2006When it comes to children’s shoes I have a philosophy, quality does matter. It is a personal feeling that I hold. I want to make sure that the boys have good quality, supportive shoes that fit them well. (The last part is hard to determine on a 14 month old, but we do our best, like is he still walking at the same speed as before.) This philosophy has lead us to spend some money on the boys shoes, but to me it is worth it.

They don’t need to have fancy expensive clothes, because well they are boys and boys get dirty. Yes girls get dirty too, but typically girls like to keep their clothes cleaner than boys. During the holidays or big family events I will spring for some nicer stuff, but for their everyday clothes we are Target, Old Navy and Gap Outlet people. That is not to say they look like raggy little boys. I make a point of trying to get them looking presentable each day for the 20 minutes it lasts, before Will drools down his front or Jack rips the knee out of another pair of pants. He has ripped holes in 7 pairs so far this Spring (I know this is because they are cheap, or is it just him…)

Will ranchFor their shoes (or at least their primary pair of shoes) we go to Nordstrom. I have done this since Jack started wearing real shoes. His first pair were the cutest pair of Ecco boots you have ever seen and I loved them so much he got another pair the following winter. Will’s first pair is a pair of Stride Rites. I think they immediately made him faster. It could be the new shoes or just the size, the shoes I had him in were a size to small – I know, I know, he needed new shoes, but I don’t want to get him the nice ones until he was walking and how was I to know his feet are a size and a half bigger than Jack’s were at the same age.

A few years ago I discovered Geox shoes. They have breathable soles, which help to keep sweaty little feet a little less sweaty. They also are very durable. Luckily Jack hasn’t been very hard on his shoes, so Will can use them as his 2nd pair. Nordstrom isn’t carrying them in Will’s size now, so he didn’t get them this time, but I think we will get some for his next pair. He has sweaty little feet.

Well maybe not so little. He is already wearing a size 6.5. Jack didn’t wear a 6.5 until he was 2.5 years old.

Jim jokes that the boys have nicer shoes than he does. Well maybe he needs to pay more attention to his shoes. 🙂

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