The maiden voyage
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The maiden voyage

I have been away from writing the blog for a couple of weeks, I am sorry. I have been up to my eye balls in my consulting work and also planning for our vacation. Then we actually took the vacation (see last Friday’s Photo Friday for complete evidence). Now we are back and I am still up to my eye balls in work, but need to make a post so enjoy.

About six weeks ago we bought a Coleman pop-up trailer. I grew up camping in a regular trailer and Jim grew up camping in a tent, so this is the happy marriage of both. We had been talking about getting one for a while, especially since we camped next to a family who had one. Over Father’s Day weekend we took it on the maiden voyage.

I have pulled a couple of trailers in my day and actually successfully parked ours on the night we brought it home in our side yard. Then our weather got (or actually stayed) really lousy. No seriously, it is so much worse than normal. So the first time Jim got a chance to park the trailer (we are still working on its name, Jack likes Master, but I am not sold yet) was at the campground at Lake Shasta. Luckily it was a double site, so there wasn’t much stress about it and he parked it great.

We camped at the Hirz Bay campground on Lake Shasta for 3 nights with my sister Steffani, her husband Paul and son Oliver. For the last several years we try to go camping with them at least once even though we live in separate states. It was a beautiful campground that had recently been remodeled and as Paul said the only thing that would have made it perfect would have been showers. But we have the trailer, so we did just fine. We actually bathed all three boys with the outside shower, because nothing is cuter than a bunch of naked boys, right?

This was also Will’s maiden voyage camping. On the 11 hour drive down Jim and I took bets on how long it would be for him to skin one of his knees, since the child is “not subtle” as Jim puts it. I think it was less than 10 minutes, but he really didn’t care. He loved being in the campground and was fond of walking/running out of our campsite and down the camp road. Luckily he never got far. He also got a lot more stable on his feet with the uneven ground and transitions.

Shasta 4

Shasta 2  Shasta 1

Shasta 3  Shasta 5

This is completely unrelated to the post, but I just have to tell you that as I write this Will comes running in with a dinosaur in his hand, says “ROAR” and then runs back into the play room. He just came back with different one. It is extremely cute.

All of the kids (including the pooch) had a lot of fun camping. Jack’s favorite part was swimming in Lake Shasta, which wasn’t that easy, because it doesn’t have a defined beach area. The lake was the highest I have seen it in many years, almost up to tree line. Will liked splashing in the water and drinking as much of the lake as he could through the small plastic boats we brought. Oliver loves to throw and his object of choice was rocks or sticks. We just had to make sure that no one was in front of him. Mulligan’s favorite was chasing sticks in the water.

On Father’s Day morning we set off after morning nap to see if we could find a better way down to the water, but ended up on a trail that went who knows how many miles. Will was in the Ergo backpack (Love that thing!!!) and Steff and Paul had the stroller. It was a little difficult to maneuver it over some fallen trees and steep parts, but they did pretty well. We hiked for about 30 minutes before we realized that we weren’t going to get anywhere near the water and turned back.

The weather was surprisingly warm and on our last full day really hot. Jim and I felt silly as we were collecting more firewood in the 90 degree heat. With Jim around you can never have enough firewood. Paul on the other hand is the seeker of good coals. You must have good coals to roast marshmallows, because it isn’t camping until you roast marshmallows.

When it comes food we camp in style, complete with marinated flank steak, baked potatoes with the fixins, wine and corn on the cob. Our breakfasts are huge, eggs, bacon and potatoes or pancakes and sausage and lots of coffee. Yum!

We are looking forward to our next camping trip in a couple of weeks. This time in Washington.

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  1. Jane Thomas says:

    This sounded so much fun. Love the cute trailer. What a fun time and so many more to look forward to!

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