Woof, woof, woof!
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Woof, woof, woof!

Locker 2010 Sunday was the annual University of Washington football photo day when all the players and some of the coaches are available for the public to come and meet, take photos with and get autographs. It was a sunny, hot day at Husky Stadium, filled with fans.

Just like last year we arrived early (very early) because Jim wanted to be 1st in line (not just in the first part of the line, but first in line.) They were expecting more fans this year, so they closed the gates, but not before Jim and Jack got to be 1st in line.

Montana 2010 After an hour or so of waiting and sweating Jake Locker our star quarterback (who decided to return for his senior year even though he could have been a high 1st round draft pick) walked around the stadium and had to come through a little bit of the line where we were. He gave Jack a high 5 as he went by. He is one of the most gracious people you will meet. He is the type of roll model you want for your kids.

He signed the photo from last year and took another photo with the boys. It will be an amazing memory for all of us, because how often do you get to meet a future NFL quarterback.

Drew 2010 After we saw Jake we headed over to find Nick Montana (yes, son of Hall of Famer Joe Montana) who is a freshman and future Dawg quarterback. He looks just like his dad.

Next we needed to find Drew Schafer, my cousin Molly’s friend who is the starting Center. We took photos with him last year (one of which ended up being on the gohuskies.com home page of 4 players holding Jack.) He signed the photos and took a new one with the boys.

Polk 2010 Each player we had photos of from last year were so excited to see that we had brought something personal for them to sign. I am sure that not many people do that. One, Devon Agular, showed his buddy, saying hey nice photo. We got great photos with a bunch of the players and hopefully we will get those signed next year.

Last year Jack got embarrassed about talking to the cheerleaders. Not this year. The first one he saw he said Mom we need a picture with a cheerleader. So he has photos with a blonde and a brunette. Go Jack!

What a fun day and great way to start the season. We are filled with optimism about the season and hopeful that Jake’s final season will be an unforgettable one.

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  1. […] year the Huskies hold a photo day where the players mingle with the fans and take photos. For Jake’s final two seasons Jim wanted […]

  2. […] year the Huskies hold a photo day where the players mingle with the fans and take photos. For Jake’s final two seasons Jim wanted […]

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