Stress free holidays
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Stress free holidays

Ready or not here come the holidays. For us the holiday gauntlet begins Friday when we leave for our Thanksgiving trip through family in California. Normally we would be driving and taking the pooch with us, but this year we have opted to fly, so she will be staying home.

As the holidays begin I am determined to do it differently this year. The last few years I have gotten so caught up in the stress and craziness that I haven’t enjoyed them like I should. We have young kids, who love Santa and Christmas lights, want to make cookies and gingerbread houses, decorate the house with paper snowflakes and watch out the window for real snow. It will not always be that way.

So this year I am going to enjoy the holidays. I am going to try to see Christmas through Will’s eyes, like everything is new. If things don’t work like I want them too (like our holiday open house getting snowed out again) I am going to try to let it go. Last year I was exhausted after the holidays and sad that it was gone and I hadn’t enjoyed it.

This summer I made a decision that I needed to learn how to let go and enjoy more. Somehow I have become a complete control freak and the family tour guide, so I am always organizing and not enjoying. Everyone get ready for delegation and not perfection, simplicity and not elaborate.

I want to spend Thanksgiving being thankful for my family and our health, playing games and enjoying a yummy dinner that I didn’t have to spend all day in the kitchen to make. I want to spend Christmas enjoying the gifts from Santa and watching the boys play, maybe in the snow (please, please!) eat a good meal with friends and family that didn’t take us all day to make.

This is my goal for the next 6 weeks, enjoy the simple good things, see the holidays through the eyes of a child and let the stress go. I wish the same for you.

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  1. Meg Morgan says:

    Amen, Sarah. “Under-promise, over-deliver” should sometimes just be, “Under-promise, and live with it.” Enjoy your holidays.

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