Gingerbread Houses and Marshmallow Menorahs
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Gingerbread Houses and Marshmallow Menorahs

.Tuesday was the Holiday celebration in Jack’s class at school. His teacher had 7 craft/activity stations all set up. They have been learning about all the winter holidays, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and any other holiday that someone celebrates this time of year. His teacher has invited anyone to come in a speak about their holiday celebration. If the kids were a little older Jim might go and teach them about Festivus.

The craft/activity stations were gingerbread houses, painting paper candy canes, paper bag Santas, sewing stockings, reindeer ornaments, snowman ornaments, marshmallow menorahs and playing dreidel.  She was amazing with such cute ideas.

.You guessed it the most popular station was the gingerbread houses that all the parents contributed every kind of candy possible to decorate them with. You could smell the sugar from down the hall, it made my stomach turn just sitting there. The houses made the day before from graham crackers and frosting formed over milk cartons. They were so cute and creative, some with garages and most with chimneys. Jack put strings of lights (licorice), gutters (chocolate chips), pathway (gum drops), front door (shredded wheat) and people (gummy bears).

marshmellow menorahHe made a marshmallow menorah, that was pasted together with frosting and used raisins as the wicks. Then he made the paper bag Santa with a cotton ball beard. He also completed the reindeer ornament that used dark and light brown painted puzzle pieces glued onto painted tongue depressors. The snowman ornament was popsicle sticks glued together and painted to look like the face and hat. I don’t have photos of those because they were still drying at school.

It was a really fun couple of hours and Jack was so happy to have me there. He wore his Christmas vest and proudly told the whole class that his Mom and Auntie made it for him. So sweet.

The children have been talking about a tradition that their family celebrates. They fill out a sheet about it and should bring a photo or item that illustrates the tradition. Jack decided to talk about how we put the train under our Christmas tree. We worked on his sheet and even called Grandfather to find out how old the trains were. Jim let him take one of the trains to school to show. He was so excited to share.

We have reached the age that Jack is really understanding the holidays and wants to learn more. I just love it.

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