Aussies in Canada
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Aussies in Canada

Last week we had our annual ski trip and this year we returned to Whistler after a four year absence. I wanted to go back last year after watching the Olympics, but we couldn’t make it work. Whistler is only a 4.5 hour drive and it is such a great place.

We stayed at the Coast Blackhomb Suites, which is a ski-in/ski-out suite hotel. It worked out perfectly. We had a 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen and living room area and a view of the pool area, swingers hot tub and ski run. They offered a complementary hot breakfast every morning. The best thing was you walked out of the ski valet back door and walked 10 feet to the ski run.

Our first night we decided to go big and took the bus (free bus that stops right outside our hotel) to the Four Seasons for dinner at Sidecut. We had a wonderful evening. The boys were perfect angels, ate their dinners and sat quietly watching movies while we enjoyed a beautiful meal, complete with cocktails, a bottle of wine and dessert.

waiting for bus  boys

Jack went to ski school for our 3 days of skiing.  Each morning we would ski down to the base where we would meet his teacher. They would strap on his bib and a GPS on his leg. At the end of each day we would get a report card and his GPS ID to look up on It would show where they went each day, how fast he skied and how far he went. Here are 2 screen shots of them.




Will got to stay with a babysitter each day. Corrine, an Aussie, from Nannies on Call, came to the suite and took great care of him. They played and rode the bus to a new place each day. He would give her hugs every afternoon when she left and look for her again in the morning.

Jim and I got to ski for 3 days, even though the weather wasn’t great. We skied in a cloud/fog most days. One day it rained and snowed most of the day. Jack did fine in the wet with his new gear. We had several breaks to warm up and dry out. The hard thing about skiing is you don’t take many pictures, so we don’t have any photos of Jack in his ski gear.

The last afternoon we pulled Jack out of ski school early so we all could ski together in the afternoon. We wanted to take him up to a play castle farther up the mountain we knew he would love. As we tried to ski down we had to go through the fog, He had a hard time not being able to see well, but we made it down.

Jack mom and jack

Three days of skiing in a row was a lot and more than we usually do, but we only wanted to go for a long weekend. By the end of the third day the 3 skiers were very sore and happy to have a quiet pizza and movie night, of course after a trip to the tube park (in our haste to get out of the suite I forgot the camera.) We weren’t sure if Will was going to be tall enough, and unfortunately he was about an inch to short. The girl was a stickler and wouldn’t let him in. Jim and Jack enjoyed their time, with Jack’s quote of “That was awesome!”

The morning we left we stopped in the Village to get a much needed latte and some t-shirts. As we walked out for one last look and a few photos at the base we realized it was Aussie Day. Longhorns bar was full of people draped in Australian flags and girls wearing tank tops in 35 degree weather partying at 10:30 in the morning. I asked a girl out front to take our picture and her friend asked if we wanted the flag and how could I say no.



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  1. Susan Lee says:

    What a wonderful documentation of your ski trip to Whistler! It appears you all came away with fond memories and hopefully you, Jim, Jack & Will will be returning next year to our mountain of fun.

    Please let us know if Nannies on Call can help you the next time you’re visiting Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Toronto or Whistler and hopefully Corrine and Will can play again next winter!

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