Sometimes its about me
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Sometimes its about me

Not very often, but sometimes it is about mom. Today’s post is one of those.

A couple months ago I decided I needed to update my frumpy mom style. I was finally close to my goal weight (are we ever actually at our goal weight or do we always wish we were 5 pounds lighter.) I had a closet full of clothes, some that fit, others that didn’t and I wanted to try to use what I could to come up with my style.

Luckily my neighbor across the street, Sylvia, is a clothing designer and a wardrobe consultant on the side. So what is a wardrobe consultant you might be asking (or maybe you aren’t smarty pants), well she takes your body measurements and determines your body type and then uses that to help you find what clothes look best on you.

We spent about 2.5 hours in my closet with me trying on almost every item of clothing I own. I am now much closer with Sylvia since she has seen me in my underwear. It is funny how after she does your body assessment and tells you want type of clothes look best on you and then you put on something that isn’t in that category and you realize that it looks terrible. After that you realize that you have been wearing those pants or shirt or sweater for months or years and couldn’t quite put your finger on why it looked off.

It turns out that I am a Medium Triangle. That means that my shoulders are narrower than my hips and I should wear clothes that try to balance my hips and shoulders out creating an hourglass figure. Namely v-necks or boat neck tops, straight leg or boot cut pants and skirts that are no longer than knee length. I am supposed to avoid crew neck tops and ones with raglan sleeves, wide leg pants and long skirts. My celebrity body stand-in is Jennifer Lopez, not sure if I like that or not.

After we had reviewed my closet, Sylvia made me a list of items to help fill in the gaps in my wardrobe. It wasn’t a crazy big list, it was realistic. She helped me with some particular pieces that I didn’t know how to use. Then I went shopping. One thing you must know about me is that I am not a shopper. I was born without that gene (my mom and sister are the same way) we are all good for a couple hours and a few stores before we hit the wall. Once I had my new items she came back over to look over my purchases and help me work them into outfits.

There are few things in life that just make you feel better, a new haircut or a good outfit. I had such a good experience with Sylvia that I gave a consultation to my mom for Christmas. It was a bit more difficult since her closet is in California and we are in Seattle, but we had a plan. Sylvia would do a body assessment for her and then we would go shopping.

I hadn’t been shopping with my mom without kids since Jack was born, so it was fun. We shopped with Sylvia, then met my aunts and cousin for lunch and believe it or not we went back and shopped some more. It may have been a record for us.

Now I look at my closet differently, building outfits instead of seeing individual pieces. When I am shopping now I look at clothes to see how they will fit and try to fill in gaps or make my closet better, not just buying a piece because it is cute.

Hopefully now I am more fashionable and not just frumpy mom. Some days I still feel frumpy, but other days I feel great.

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