Mom’s new tools
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Mom’s new tools

Top 5 new tools that makes my life easier as a Mom.

1. iPod – We gave Jack an iPod touch for Christmas. It is great, because it holds his music, movies and games all in one device and is very portable. The boys love to play music in their playroom on his iHome. Will likes to watch movies on my iPod nano.

2. Portable DVD player – Until the iPods and even for Will on the airplane and on a road trip this is a life saver. Over the weekend we were stuck in traffic for 2 hours and he happily watch movies the whole time. We also take it restaurants and after they eat their dinner they can watch a movie. It allows us to enjoy a nice meal.

3. Ergo – Again I didn’t have this with Jack, but got it with Will. It is a soft carrier that you can use to carry them on your front, back or side. When he was small he would sleep through Husky games in it on my chest. I still use it for him. He rode it this weekend actually.

4. Exersaucer – I didn’t use one with Jack, but with Will it was amazing. He used to sit and play while I could get dinner made. He thought it was great.

5. Bumbo seat – This molded seat allows babies to sit up before their tummy muscles are strong enough. Will would sit with us at the dinner table.

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