1st For Our 1st
Jackson, School

1st For Our 1st

1st day of school 11School has started. The bus came Tuesday morning and we made it. Even though I thought I had everything laid out the night before we still had to hunt for Jack’s jacket this morning. With new matching backpack, lunchbox and water bottle in hand he headed to our crazy big bus stop (like 20 kids.)

Our big first grader gets to go all day, have lunch and two recesses. We have entered the packing lunches phase of life. It is going to take some work to come up with ideas for good packable lunches. Now I will have to read all of those articles in the magazine that I have been able to ignore.

On Monday we got to go meet Jack’s teacher, who has four boys of her own (God bless her.) She seems like she will be great, patient and caring, but firm and organized. Jack needs someone who will help keep him focused, since he has been known to be overly social.

The one that is going to have the hardest adjustment is Will. He is so used to having Jack around. This summer when Jack was at a few sports camps Will would ask about him. I am sure once we settle into a new routine.

school bus 2011   going to the bus 2011

As the bus pulled up to drop off in the afternoon, we saw a smiling Jack come bounding off the bus, happily sporting his otter hat and backpack. I thought he might be tired from the long day, but he handed off his backpack and headed out to play. He had a great day and was especially excited to share that he got to have two recesses (you know the important things.)

I can’t believe my little boy is in 1st grade, growing up so fast.

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