Finding the Time …
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Finding the Time …

I am having trouble finding the time. There just isn’t enough time in one day or one week to get it all done. How can I fit it all in?

I am having trouble finding the time to make Jim’s and my Halloween costumes. I just broke it to Jack that if we dressed up we will not match him and Will. His sweet response was “Then what will you be?” I said “I am not sure bud, it depends on the time.”

I need to make decorations, lists, reports, brownies and costumes (maybe more, but I can’t remember) for the Haunted Maze for this year’s elementary school fundraiser. I have a list so long that I haven’t even found the time to make the actual list, and I am not sure how it will all get done in the time we have left.

Where did the time go to take some fall photos of the boys? I wanted to participate in a fall photo link-up, but so far I don’t have the photos to match each week’s themes.

I am having trouble finding the time to make and return phone calls. I am sorry if you are on that list; I promise I will get to you and I am thinking of you.

Ditto with emails. You would think that I would be better with a smart phone, but I am not. I read the emails and if the reply is more than a couple sentences I decide to wait to do it from my computer and then they get lost. Molly, the book list is coming. I promise.

How do I find the time to watermark and migrate all of my old blog photos to Flickr and then link the photos on the site? This one is so overwhelming that I don’t even know where to start.

I am having trouble finding the time to fit in a family fun night for the October Badges of Fun project for FamilyFun magazine. Friday night soccer and Saturday night football are really getting in the way. Maybe we will end up with a Sunday night movie or something else.

When can I fit in researching the new storage server for our growing library of digital media? Our other one is getting full and I am afraid every time I add files that I am going to get an error saying that we have reach its capacity. It is time to upgrade and I think I know what I want, but since it is such a big purchase I need to be sure.

These are only some of the things floating around in my mind that I can’t find the time to do. And we haven’t even reached the holidays yet.

How do you find the time? How do you prioritize your to-do list?

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  1. Considering that I’m just now getting around to visiting PYHO links from last week- you can see I’m having time management issues myself!

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