Battling My Thyroid, Again
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Battling My Thyroid, Again

Last summer I wrote about how I have been living with Hypothyroidism for the past ten years. Until last spring I was stable and living comfortably with this disease. Then it changed.

Over the course of a few weeks last spring I gained twelve pounds and other symptoms returned — acne, decreased energy level, difficulty sleeping and general mood malaise. After my doctor upped my thyroid meds I felt a lot better and dropped about ten pounds. Then I got sidetracked with the weight loss, but maintained my weight over the summer and fall.

Then in December and January my symptoms returned and I gained another twelve pounds. Could this really be happening again? The most frustrating thing is that nothing has changed, my diet, my workouts, nothing. I was doing all of the same things I had been last summer and fall when I was maintaining and now I was gaining. I was beyond upset.

Naturally I ran to the doctor’s office to have them retest my thyroid. The results showed I was still in the normal range. After speaking with my doctor and telling him my symptoms, he agreed to up my dose if I would get retested in six weeks. However this time, my symptoms didn’t go away with the increase in dosage and the weight hasn’t been coming off. After dieting and increasing the intensity of my workouts for nine weeks I have lost six pounds and most of that came off right away.

For anyone who has tried to lose weight before you can understand how deflating it is to get on the scale each week and have none of your hard work show. It is demotivating. But I don’t want to be on a diet for the rest of my life. I want to get to a healthy and maintainable weight where I can live my life.

I returned to my doctor last week to talk about my lack of progress and what we should do. I know there is something going on, but can’t put my finger on what it could be. He has seen me through losing the initial 50 pounds of thyroid weight and both times of baby weight, so he knows I am doing all I can.

My six week thyroid retest came back at the same level as it was before the increase in dosage. However he said he thought it would be worth increasing the dose again to see if that will help. I had to promise to come back in six weeks for a retest to make sure I am not over-replaced. Based on those results we will decide if it is time for me to go to an Endocrinologist. My sister feels that I should be going to one now as she has had thyroid disease longer than I have. I think I am going to ask to see one either way.

If the results come back that I am over-replaced, then I have something else metabolic or hormonal going on potentially. If the results come back that I am at the same levels as before, then I want to know why my thyroid is shifting every few weeks/months. I love my doctor, but I think either way it will be time to add a specialist to my treatment team.

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