Got Milk? Not Me
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Got Milk? Not Me

I have been struggling again with my weight and my thyroid (wrote about it here). Even while I have been working with my doctor, I also thought that it might be good to try a naturopath. Our body systems are so interconnected that I am sure there are multiple things going on, plus she might be able to help me with some ongoing leg pain issues that I have had for years (for another post later).

After some blood tests for food sensitivities, she felt it would be good for me to try a no-dairy experiment. For two weeks I completely cut dairy out, including foods that contain dairy like pancake mix, bread and cereal. I was supposed to note how I felt. After two weeks I would be able to reintroduce dairy and see if it changes how I was feeling.

The two weeks were hard, very hard. The first week I was grouchy, because I had to find an alternative to my latte and I am having trouble embracing soy. We attended a dinner and auction where I couldn’t eat half the dinner; luckily Jim asked for a salad without dressing for me otherwise I would have eaten only a serving of beef all night. The second week was easier, but I wasn’t feeling any better AND the weight wasn’t coming off.

Finally it was time to reintroduce dairy and see what happens. I strategically waited until a time when I was home, just in case. Guess what, nothing happened. I had a latte after lunch, a string cheese for snack, a serving of lasagna at dinner and frozen yogurt for dessert (wasn’t following the diet that day). It was a fair test of dairy with a variety of items. I had no changes, no gas, discomfort or anything.

While these results are great and I can go back to eating dairy and not worrying, the question is still there, what is going on.

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