Preserving Schoolwork

Preserving Schoolwork

robot artOne thing that amazed me when Jack started elementary school was the volume of things he brought home. It wasn’t just the art projects or beginning writing assignments from preschool. It was folders and books filled with writing or math in addition to the big art projects. It can be overwhelming to try to figure out what to save and where to save it.

I am all for being sentimental, but is he really going to want a box of his schoolwork later in life? Plus do I really want to store a box of these goodies? Digital copies will not take up as much space and eventually most things will be digital, right? And with the scans of his work we can share progress them with grandparents and aunts and uncles who live out of town. That way they can see his progress and the fun things he is doing.

At the scrapbook weekend in May, my friend Allison showed me what she does with the kids’ projects. She takes photos of her son’s schoolwork and then puts them in a scrapbook about the school year. Although it would be nice to get them in scrapbooks, I just don’t know if I can see myself really doing that. I am committing to not box myself into corners with projects (let’s see how long that will last). But with digital copies, I would have the option down the road to make a digital book or something in another format.

It can be a bit time consuming to scan page by page, but I think I will just send them with Jim to work until he gets tired of doing it. I have also tried to set my own guidelines of what to scan and what to save. Big art projects, paintings and 3D art, definitely will be saved and hopefully framed. Writing projects will be scanned. When Jim gets tired of scanning them maybe I will hire Task Rabbit to work on it for me, especially since Will starts preschool in the fall and we will begin accumulating his work.

What do you do with your kid’s schoolwork? How do you decide what to save and what to get rid of?

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