Community Book Share

Community Book Share

There is a phase as kids are learning to read where they consume lots of books and can only read the same ones a few times. Books are expensive, especially when the kids are going through five to ten a week.

It is important to keep the books fresh. We have found that Jack will start to memorize them after a few times through to it is important for him that we continuously refresh his reading list. Jack’s teacher sent home some book lists to help us select “just right” books for him. We are lucky to have a great library system, but several of the series included were not available.

After chatting with a few friends I came up with the idea of sharing books. Since we all have invested in some books or series that our kids have finished, someone else’s child may be able to borrow them for a bit. This way the kids get to have access to more books, but we don’t have to spend a lot of money on them.

Our group is just getting started, using a Facebook page to interact with each other. We list the books we are looking for or the books we own. Eventually I hope to create a master list of who owns which books.

One of the keys to our group working is having kids of various levels and ages. That way we can make sure everyone has just right books available.

If you live near me and are interested in joining our book share, let me know.

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