Cold Theory
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Cold Theory

Will sickI have a theory. During a child’s second full winter their immune system can’t handle what the world throws at it and as a result they get sick for months at a time. I know that sounds goofy, but hear me out.

When both of my boys hit the fall season when they were two years old, I remember thinking that they seemed to go from cold to cold. I actually talked to our doctor and some of the nurses asking them what was going on. They said they weren’t sick for weeks at a time, but probably sick for two weeks, then well for a few days, then sick again. I have talked to several friends who have noticed the same thing.

It is the child’s second full winter where they seem vulnerable — if they are born during the winter (like Jack in January) that winter doesn’t count. The next winter after their “sick year” they were much healthier, just the normal amount of colds.

I am wondering if it is a combination of their age — most kids are 1-2, so they are more active participating in activities. During this time is appears that the immune system is doing some balancing and adjusting. Once they have successfully weathered that second winter, their immune system is able to handle more of the bugs that come their way.

My interest in this theory may come from my interest in epidemiology and wanting to understand why diseases affect certain populations of people.

What do you think? Is my theory completely bogus or thinking back does it have some merit?

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