When Forward Is Backward

tummy swingOn Saturday night we sprang forward into daylight saving time, losing an hour and horribly disrupting my body clock. I began Sunday morning lamenting my distaste for this tradition.

Sure we now have light later into the evening up here in the Pacific Northwest. After spending months of dark mornings and early sunset evenings, it is finally light enough in the evenings that kids can play outside for a bit after school. However it takes my body a week to adjust to the change. I find myself more tired than normal. And it may be affecting Jack too; he was extra tired last night.

I did some reading on daylight savings time to better understand the reasoning behind it. It was originally started during World War I to decrease energy consumption in the evenings. It was used again during World War II and finally instituted during the 1970s energy crisis permanently.

Although I understand the justification for it and like having the extra light in the evenings, the act of shifting our clocks twice a year seems odd. Wouldn’t it be easier just to pick a time and keep it? In the fall after we shift the clocks back an hour it gets dark very early in the evening, which seems a bit counterproductive.

So here I sit, waiting for my body to catch up to the clock.

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