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Kicking Off Summer

IMG_7020.jpgToday is the last day of school for Jack; Will has been done for two weeks. Our bus stop has a tradition of throwing a lunch party for the kids. It is a perfect way to kick off the summer.

Some of the mom’s make a big sign for the kids to run through coming off the bus. The kids are so excited. Last year we had some horns and face painting, but mostly the kids just loved to run and play. Not only do we have kid food, but some adult drinks as well.

At Jack’s school they have a fun tradition of the kids wearing the next grade’s color to school on the last day. During the assembly the kids move to the spots they will sit the next year, making them feel like they are moving up. Jack is wearing green today, the 3rd grade color and Will supporting his big brother.

I remember being so excited for the last day of school and looking forward to a summer full of late nights and lazy days, sunshine and popsicles, BBQs and bike rides. There is nothing like summer as a kid.

Hopefully the weather holds out for us and the kids can have the perfect kickoff to summer.

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