Being Distracted

Islay sleepingI realized today that I have been really neglecting a bunch of projects and activities as of late, but I have two very good reasons. First, it is summer and our weather is beautiful right now, so we all feel the need to be outside as much as we can. Summer also means our schedule is anything but routine with camps and play dates. Second, we have a puppy, which is like having a new baby. She can’t be left for more than an hour or two and requires play time and exercise.

Here are the projects/activities that I am currently neglecting:

  • Writing/Work – it has been hard to get back into work mode after the trip, and the other distractions are not helping my motivation.
  • Photo processing – I need to go through, sort and process all the photos from the trip, which requires sitting at the computer for extended periods of time.
  • Cleaning – Now I don’t normally clean my house, but I do try to keep it straightened up. I really need to get on this since my parents are coming to town this weekend.
  • Gardening – My flowers out front are really sad.
  • Grocery shopping – I am doing just the bare minimum. And when I do go I forget half of what I need to get.
  • Office organizing – My office is the biggest mess. I can hardly find a place on my desk for my laptop.
  • Back to school shopping – Believe it or not I need to get started acquiring the school supplies otherwise I will not be able to find the oil pastels or other odd products the schools require.
  • Furniture rearranging – I want to move the furniture around in our living room.

You can see how I could be easily distracted with small faces asking for play dates, puppies wanting to go out and the sun beckoning me outside. Are you able to keep yourself motivated during the summer or do you just give in and ignore everything until fall?

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