Being Thankful

Playing Sorry with Auntie JeanWith all the highs and lows of this year I am really thinking about what I am thankful for and what is important. It is always good to take a step back and remember how lucky we are, especially at this time of year. So here is my list for which I am most thankful at this moment.

  1. Two boys who love each other and get along. Listening to them play and laugh together can brighten even the hardest day.
  2. A husband who gets me a Starbucks latte on the weekends, knows just how to make me laugh and supports me through all of my transitions in life.
  3. Spending time with family. We are lucky to live not too far away and happy they make room for all of us when we come, even the crazy puppy. The boys still have all four grandparents that they can continue to make memories with and great aunts and uncles who enjoy them.
  4. Supportive friends, who know just what you need. Whether it is a phone call or a diet coke, they are always there for me.
  5. A puppy that already loves to sleep under my desk while I am working and will only get better with age.
  6. Neighbors who are like family and just walk over with a glass of wine to sit by the fire or watch football. You know you are welcome no matter what.
  7. Amazing teachers. Moving Will to this preschool was the best decision we ever made. He is happy and doing so well. Jack’s teacher is such a great supporter and knows that Mr. Chatty really has a good heart, even if he just can’t keep quiet.
  8. Football. What a fun time to be a Seahawks fan! I can only hope that we are still watching them in February. And the Huskies are improving despite what some cynics might be saying and can still get to nine wins this season.
  9. New opportunities to continue to grow my role as an advocate. I am hopeful that more connections and progress will come from my San Diego trip.
  10. Time. I am so thankful for the time together as a family, with friends, with extended family and being able to take the time to travel. Our trip this summer was such a blessing and created life long memories for all of us.

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and are able to enjoy all of what you are thankful for.

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  1. Steve Harrison says:

    Back at you neighbor. We are very thankful for our friendship and extended family members!

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