Gravy Poem

UntitledToday is Thanksgiving
Such a wonderful day
There are so many things
I would like to say

The homemade gravy is
My favorite part of the meal
I know to many
It just does not appeal

You will be surprised
To see my plate so full
This brown elixir on top of all
Spooned out by the cupful

I am particular
About the kind I eat
It can’t be chunky or running
that is not a treat

So I make the gravy
Just like my mom taught me
You will find me at the stove
Stirring furiously

Then at dinner time
I fill my plate and return to the pot
To spoon out the gravy
Nice and hot

The only thing safe from
Swimming in it
Is the salad and roll
Because it will not fit

So when you sit to eat
And the gravy boat comes your way
Tip it up a second time
And think of me this day

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