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My Mom’s Stew

mom.jpgMy friend and I were chatting the other day about the meals that our mothers would make when we were children. Some were delicious and others not as good.

One of my mom’s specialties and request when we would come home from college was her stew. It is hearty, warm, delicious and feels like home. The smell would fill the house, since she would start it in the afternoon, so it would simmer to perfection. It is such a rich, meaty smell with just enough wine. We always had it with cornbread, that would provide just a bit of a sweet smell. The perfect combo.

Any time I make or smell stew I think of my mom. It is one of those perfect fall or winter dinners for a cold stormy night. She has taught me her simple, but perfect recipe and I happily make it when we are craving something to warm us to our bones.

I made stew on Sunday evening for the NFC championship game. It may have been a bit of an ode to my mom since we were rooting for opposite sides, her the 49ers and me the Seahawks. We couldn’t enjoy it together, but it made me feel like we were together. It was a wonderful taste of home and my mom.

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