Downton Abby Obsession

downton abby.jpgI am late to the Downton Abby train, but I have jumped in with two feet. Several of my friends have been watching for the last two seasons and encouraging me to join them.

I knew I would like it, but felt so far behind that I wasn’t sure if I could really catch up. I was also holding out hope that Jim would watch with me, but he has opted instead for Breaking Bad.

Two weeks ago I started watching and have become obsessed with watching it. Any extra moment I have I watch. I am finally up to this season and hopefully will soon be completely caught up.

One of my friends described it as Dallas with British accents. It is such a breath of fresh air to watch with all of the old English pomp and circumstance. Maids, butlers, footmen and valets, I wonder how much is true and how much is dramatic license. Either way I am heavily invested in all of the characters now.

Do you have a show that you are currently obsessed with?

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  1. Dennis says:

    I started to respond with a list of my shows, but it quickly got so long that I was embarrassed by my potato-ness. I feel like there has been a massive renaissance of quality TV programming lately, accelerated by the improved access options, e.g. Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, HBO Go, Showtime, etc.

    A shout out to the Sopranos for paving the way.

  2. Last episode we watched was the second episode of current season. I know they want to stay true to the time period but I never wanted to stick someone with a hot poker more than after watching that episode.

    1. Sarah DeNike says:

      I just finished watching that one and now I know what you mean. I know. It goes to show you that there were bad men in any time period.

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