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Learning to Read with BOB

Will reading bob books.jpgWe have been lucky enough to receive hand-me-down BOB series books for Will. The Bob Books are a great series of books to help early readers get started.

The books are grouped into five sets of up to 12 books starting with introducing the alphabet up to long vowels. Each of the first books introduces one vowel and four consonants. The books are short so children can get read them and feel quick success.

Will and I have been working on the first books over the last few weeks. He is really enjoying his “letter books.” The letters are nice and large, so he can easily see them. We look at the new letters at the front of the book and practice the letter sounds.

He is doing a great job sounding out words and trying to listen to the sounds to figure out the words. If he gets really stuck I will help him piece it together. He is very proud of himself each time we finish a book.

These books have been a great way to get Will started on the road to reading.


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