Sunscreen Struggle

Jack steam train.jpgFor the last several years it has been a struggle, probably better termed as a fight, to get sunscreen on Jack each day. With our natural paleness we all need to wear sunscreen.

I have tried many different methods to combat the complaining and sometimes tears that accompany the daily task, including strength of wills, reasoning and even self-application. Unfortunately there still aren’t any that are working.

You should see him when I put a squirt of cream in his hand to rub on his face. He looks like I have given him something that will melt his face off. My ultimate goal is that it becomes a habit for them that they will do each morning for the rest of their lives. Luckily Will doesn’t fight me, but I am afraid it is coming especially since he sees the way Jack acts.

Last summer on our big camping trip I discovered that he doesn’t mind the sunscreen stick as much as everything else. The only problem is it is difficult to make sure that you have good coverage with just the stick. So I have a plan for this year…

Each morning before he gets dressed he puts on a lightweight face lotion with sunscreen in it, something that is easy to rub in and will give him a good foundation of coverage especially on school days. Then I will follow that up with the stick or maybe even have him do the stick.

My hope is that I can avoid the angst and frustration on both of our parts for this basic task.

Do you have any ideas or tips on ways to get sunscreen on Jack without a fight?

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  1. Paul says:

    Tell him he has to put sunscreen on or wear a burqa. The choice is his.

  2. As a father of three and a sunscreen maker, we have a product that Kids seems to like, it’s called KINeSYS performance sunscreen. It’s the only oil, alcohol, paba, preservative and paraben free spray on sunscreen that feels like a puff of air when applied and dries to a some finish, without the greasy, sticky, or oily feeling.
    I hope this helps? regards,

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