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Mom’s Skills

steffi's wedding 142.jpgMoms possess an amazing set of skills. Something happens when you have a baby and you develop skills beyond your imagination.

Here are a few of the special mom skills

· Mother finger – Allows you to shake your finger at people to get them to do what you want.

· Eyes all around your head – This way you can see everything that is happening even if you aren’t facing the kids.

· Super hearing – Moms can identify their child’s cry from miles away, even while they are having an intense conversation.

· Ultimate multitasking – There is never a time when a mom is doing just one thing. Even on weekends away we still are multitasking.

· Pack mule – A mom can carry anything needed between the car and the house, no matter how many bags or how much it weighs.

In honor Mother’s Day think about all of the special skills the moms in your life possess. Maybe you will even see a few new ones.

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