Ode to Jack

This is Jack’s star week at school. One of the things we were asked to do is send in a letter that his teacher would read to the class. Taking inspiration from my friend Laura’s letter to her Will, I wrote a poem about Jack.

jack soccer gloves.jpgOur boy Jackson Edward
Was excited to meet us
He came early
And brought his pure sweetness

When Jack was born
He had the biggest cheeks around
They hung down by his chin
So big and round

Jack loved cars and trains
Lining them up on the floor
Thomas, Lightning and Mater
Many characters galore

He learned to drive an ATV
Racing through grape vines
At his grandparents ranch
Like he is driving to the finish line.

Jack’s nickname is Wheels
Because he’s so fast
On the soccer field or cross country
He never is last.

Cub scouts have been fun
He has been a wolf and a bear
Archery, camping and crafts
He does it with flair.

A big brother to Will
And doggy Islay too
Always looking out for them
As good big brothers do

Jack has a big heart
He makes friends anywhere
Every classroom of kids
Becomes friends everywhere

Adventurous and sweet
Creative and funny
Always up for a joke
Even if it is about a tummy.

You can’t find anyone
Who is a bigger fan
Huskies, Seahawks, Sounders
Jack always thinks they can.

Mountain biking, skiing
Lacrosse and basketball
Soccer and running
This kid can do it all.

We couldn’t be prouder
To call you our son
We know you will go far
But you will always be our number one.

Love, Mom & Dad

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