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Family journalsI wrote a few weeks ago about attending a talk by Penny Kittle about helping kids with writing skills at home. In the previous post I shared about how reading helps with writing skills.

One of the tips she gave for helping kids with writing is to start a family journal. The journal is something passed back and forth between either you and one child or the whole family. We are doing two separate journals, since the boys are at very different writing skill levels. The journal is supposed to be fun and a great way to practice many different writing skills.

Some different writing ideas are:

  • Take all the letters in a name or word and use the letters as words that describe it.
  • Use a poem as inspiration and write your own version.
  • Draw a hand and fill each finger with memories of things you have touched.
  • Include a picture and write about your memory of that photo.
  • Start a story and write back and forth.
  • Draw a sketch of the neighborhood and mark places where stories hide.
  • Sketch the outline of an object like a heart or ball and fill with a story about the item.

Jack journal

Will journal

I created fun journals for each of the boys and we have started writing back and forth. Will is drawing pictures and then writing a sentence about it. I can’t wait to see how his writing progresses through the book. We are looking for a way to make writing fun for Jack, so he will be trying most of the ideas.

Do you have any other writing ideas for the family journals?

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