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20171123_124527I am back writing here after going quiet unceremoniously.  But as you will see in the coming weeks and months, there were reasons for that. I started to wonder what I was trying to do on the blog. When I started writing 8 ½ years ago, the blog was my coping mechanism, a safe space that I could write about all the things we were going through with Will as an infant and his vision diagnosis of Ocular Albinism. This on the heels of our struggle with our first child and years of GI and resultant feeding issues – the perfect storm of challenges when raising young children.

In the years that followed I continued to document what was going on in the present as well as tell the story of the past and Jack’s feeding and reflux issues as a baby. Periodically I would hear from someone going through similar things and the blog was a comfort to them for one reason or another. When we were in the middle of everything with Jack there weren’t any resources like this. I was happy to provide comfort and support to those families.

In 2014 and 2015 when I stopped writing, I was feeling conflicted. Was it really OK that I put all of these details of my children’s lives out to the world? There weren’t really old enough yet to give me feedback. There were also topics that I wasn’t ready to share, so I felt like I was being inauthentic. Both boys were in school and it required much more focus than I had originally imagined. Also in 2015 we undertook a major additional and renovation of our house, which was all consuming for the better part of eight months.

Fast forward to April of 2016, while visiting Chicago for my cousin’s wedding I had a heart attack and ended up at Northwestern Hospital for five days. They placed a stent to open the completely blocked artery and I am doing fine, but a changed person. The months that followed were hard because of side effects from the medicines that I was now taking as well as grappling with the fact that at the age of 41 I had a heart attack. We also lost Jim’s mom a few weeks later, so it was an overwhelming experience for all of us.

Now I am ready to be back, I feel like I have my voice back and I have things to say. However, the tone and subject matter of the blog is changing. I will still be writing about the boys, but not as much. The focus is going to be much more about me, me as a working mom (I have gone back to work), parenting a teenager (Jack just turned 13), how we are using technology to help both boys with school, recovering and thriving after a heart attack and other topics as I am moved by them. My hope is to post once a week, since I am now working. I will not be doing Photo Friday anymore either, but I invite you to follow my Instagram feed, because I post there almost daily.

I hope that you will continue to read if you have been a follower and if you are new to my blog, welcome.

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  1. Good luck with 2.0! Excited to see your weekly posts.

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