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Getting Unstuck

I have been stuck in my head for the last couple weeks, so none of my writing feels right. I think I have been trying to be to perfect. After writing such a personal piece about my heart attack I was feeling the pressure to put out another awesome piece. I just couldn’t get my heart into each of the topics I tried, even though they were topics I had wanted to write about.

Then I realized that I was putting this arbitrary pressure on myself to have each post be perfect, when that isn’t real. The whole point of writing for me is to be authentic and express my feelings.

Why do we feel this need to be perfect for the world? Always having brilliantly edited Instagram posts. Only showing ourselves doing the fun adventurous things. It is the pressure social media has put on us to curate our lives.

I have tried to not let that get to me, showing the real messy parts of life, the tears and dirty kitchens, the mistakes that we make and our ordinary days. Sometimes the pressure still gets in my head and I get stuck trying to keep up with everyone.

This time of year is always a hard time for me. We have come down from the holidays and had a bit of time to breathe. The weather is still terrible and it feels like it is dark all the time. I am usually sick of my cold weather clothes and feel like I only wear the same five outfits over and over. And my allergies start, which triggers headaches, tiredness and overall blah.

So this is me trying to get unstuck. I am trying to recognize what is going on in my head and move beyond it. I am a person that likes to keep moving forward and getting stuck can feel very overwhelming for me.

When I need to get unstuck I take walks and try to work through my thoughts. I used to listen to music, but I have found that listening to podcasts has been providing some needed inspiration. I also like to talk to my circle. Talking helps me process and distill my feelings to find a way forward.

What kinds of things do you do to get unstuck?

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  1. I like to talk to you to get unstuck. And sit in the sun.

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