I am the mom to two boys and a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, an advocate, a mompreneur, an aspiring author, a technology geek and passionate blogger. From Jack’s birth in 2005 to fall of 2016, I was a stay at home _______ (fill in the blank, see above laundry list). In late 2016 I became a work outside of the house mom going to work for a friend’s company to lead Marketing. The Will to See started as my outlet and forum in which I chronicle my experiences raising children with vision and GI issues, building a business and a following. After a couple year break I have started writing again in January of 2018 and pivoted the focus. Although I will still write about the boys from time to time, it will be more about my journey as a working mom, raising boys and now a teenager, surviving and thriving after a heart attack, my latest technology find and whatever else inspires me.

When I am not taking photos or surfing Instagram, I enjoy cooking, gardening, scrapbooking, sports and laughing at my own jokes. In the future I hope my boys will become avid golfers and someday challenge Jim and I on the golf course. As a sports nut I root hard for my beloved sports teams, including the University of Washington Huskies, Seattle Sounders FC, San Jose Sharks and Seattle Seahawks.

Since 2005 I have been running a successful consulting business, DeNike Communications and my wedding to Jim was featured on The Knot ( many years ago. You can find me on twitter @thewilltosee, facebook at, or you can contact me directly.

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